Central Library

SFMU Central Library facilitates up-to-date services and information resources to the students, faculties, officers as well as staff members. The library collection is growing day by day. Most of the collections of library are closely related to the programs the university offers. The library preserves books, periodicals, newspapers, journals etc.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab of SFMU provide the best possible services to the university community through a general-purpose laboratory such as Programming Laboratory, Network Laboratory, Database Laboratory and consisting of around 30 PCs (Dell & HP), and connected through campus-wide LAN with Gigabit connectivity. These laboratories are being served by high-end servers.

Electrical and which is which sustanon 250 and testosterone enanthate Electronics Lab

Department of EEE of SFMU has an enriched Electrical and Electronics Laboratory for undergraduate students. This laboratory is featured with laboratory equipment such as Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Digital Trainer Board, Logic Probe, IC Tester, Digital Meters, Wide Ranges of Digital ICs of TTL and CMOS Series etc. Students can implement their theoretical knowledge by doing various experiments in the laboratory. Different courses such as Electrical Circuits, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Digital Logic Design, Microprocessor and Interfacing are conducted here. Designing combinational and sequential circuits can provide the capability to program the complex programmable logic devices and field-programmable gate arrays. Students can research and build-up different types of projects in Electrical and Electronics Laboratory.

Physics Lab

SFMU Physics Lab introduces experimental physics for students requiring a physics laboratory. The course covers principles and applications of physics laboratory techniques. While this course does not have prerequisites, Physics theory is a co-requisite which is taken concurrently with this course by students on campus.