Background of SFM University

With the tireless drive of famous education evangelist Mirza Azam MP, Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib University has been established in Jamalpur District approved by UGC in the year 2013. It is the first private university in Mymensingh division. At present it is located on Nayapara Panch Raster Moor comprising 27000 square feet multi-storied building. Construction of the new and permanent university campus, comprising 14 lakh square feet on 30 acres of land, is well under way at Foujdari Moor.

Due to paucity of private or public university in the area, establishing this university ushered a new era in the educational arena. Mirza Azam MP has taken a timely decision to fulfill the long cherished demand of the increasing numbers of the students of the area as well of the country. Students with equal qualities failing from the tough competition of the limited institution can have chance to study here. Jamalpur is a district town in the northern side of the country which is conducive to the dwellers to live with no political unrest, therefore it a suitable place to live in communal harmony. Politicians are in good terms which results in stable situation at political environment and everybody lives here in peace and tranquility. Communication system here from throughout the country by bus and train is easier and comfortable. No arsenic problem in water and no load shedding disturbing here for daily works. Jamalpur has a glorious tradition of educational and cultural reputation from British period. There are a good number of quality educational institutions in the town and outside the town. Students obtaining degrees from these institutions rendering service in home and abroad. Mirza Azam MP, Former State Minister of peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Ministry of Textiles and Jute, currently holding Organizing Secretary of ruling party, is the pioneer of establishing modern and applied education. He alone established plethora of schools and colleges in his constituency. The university he established is a low cost in comparison to the other private universities in the country.

Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib University as named by the First lady of Bangladesh, Wife of Father of the nation Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born on 08 August 1930 in the village Tungipara of Gopalgonj District. She has played a vital role in providing inspiration, enthusiasm and courage in all activities of Bangabondhu during his life time. She has contributed in every step of the independence of Bangladesh. She sent her two brave sons in the liberation war for the independence of the motherland. She sacrificed her life along with Bangabondhu and other family members on the black day of the history of Bangladesh, 15 August 1975.